How to set up your first ad?

Read Below and Follow the link below for a guided tour on how to set up your first ad in less than 2 minutes:

The 4 Cardinal Rules of Facebook Advertising

  1. Let it run for an entire week without touching it. Facebook's algorithm takes at least $100+ and a week of data to learn. Think of it like the stock market. Make the investment, have patience and let it ride. Over time Arlo + Facebook will start to find more qualified prospects at a lower cost. We ran a campaign recently in Atlanta and week one leads were $13, week 2 $6.87, week 3 $5.21 and from week 4 on we averaged $3.21 a lead.
  2. Do not spread out your ad spend across a bunch of cities or campaigns. You should focus more of your budget towards one designated marketing area. Only expand to other areas when you surpass $100 a day. The larger the metro area the more potential prospects you will have. Do not worry...we have people who spend over $500 a day in one area and there are still millions of impressions Facebook has available.
  3. Do not pause, start and stop campaigns. Facebook's algorithm needs to learn and is very finicky when you start and stop campaigns in that process.
  4. Facebook is high volume - lower quality - Even though Arlo has a unique way of training Facebook how to target more qualified prospects it still is not perfect. Facebook is a pure volume play. If you can get leads for $3.50 and only 15% qualify then you are can still double, triple or even 10X your investment. The reason we built Arlo was to allow you to find good customers and not waste time reaching out to the majority who will not qualify.

Please watch this video for a full explanation of how Arlo works:

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