How to master Ringless Voicemails ?


The first rule of successful ringless voicemails and audio messages is to not overcomplicate it.

The messages should sound natural and not be filled with a bunch of industry jargon or corporate talk.

This short guide will show you some of the tricks we use to record high-converting audio messages.

  1. Record the voicemails directly into your phone as though you are leaving an actual message.
  2. Don't read from the script. Slight "umms" or delays are fine. It needs to sound real.
  3. Get to the point quickly with a clear call to action. Keep it in less than 30 seconds.
  4. Use the phone number you have been assigned in the Arlo dashboard (Under Settings). By doing this we will be able to track callbacks.
  5. Look into a mirror and smile. (old sales trick that works).

How to Record

  1. On your iPhone or Android use the voice recorder app.
  2. Hit record and put the phone up to your ear as though you are leaving an actual message (trust me it helps).
  3. Save each of the recorded files on your phone and email them to yourself (or airdrop on Mac).
  4. Upload the files as MP3 into Arlo.
  5. Once uploaded we will place in your sequences and send audio files through Ringless VM, Audio Text & Messenger.

Script Checklist

  1. New Home Purchase initial message - this is sent on day 1 if they do not respond to texts or you do not reach them.
  2. New Home Purchase Follow Up - Use this as a follow-up reminding them you have tried to reach them for a couple of days.
  3. Refi Initial Message - this is sent on day 1 if they do not respond to texts or you do not reach them.
  4. Refi Initial Message - You get the idea.

Script Template

Use this script template to craft enticing short voice messages. You have probably been crafting your pitch FAR longer than we have. You already know what works.


Initial Script

Hello, this is [Your Name] from [Company Name].

I wanted to leave you a quick message in regards to the recent loan application you filled out on Facebook.

[insert an enticing call to action]

Shoot me back a message and let me know when you are available.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Have a great day. Goodbye!

[insert an enticing call to action] =

Rates are at all-time lows and I'd love to explore some of the loan options you qualify for.

Rates are low and home equity is high. Now is a better time than ever to look at refi options.

Follow Up Script

Hello again it's (name) with (company). I have tried to reach you for the past couple of days with no luck.

Based on your initial credit report we can start looking at loans you can qualify for.

Let me know a good time you can talk this I don't have to keep bugging you.


You must have filled out the application for a reason. All I need is 15 minutes to get you back the info you and issue your pre-approval letter.

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