How to record a solid intro video?

Uploading a video to Arlo takes a few more steps due to Facebook’s limits on the size of the video file you can upload. Follow this tutorial and you will be converting qualified leads to meetings while you sleep.

  1. Use your cell phone to record your video. Don’t worry about production value. Personal self-made videos work better. Channel your inner millennial and take a selfie video at an arms-length or set up your phone on your desk. Selfie-stick tripods are $10 and also work well.
  2. Record the video vertically not horizontal. Make sure the background of your video is not distracting.
  3. Try to make the video feel “human”, not rehearsed and keep it light. People do business with people they tell your story and why you are the best fit to help them.

We use a method called the “60 Second Sales Hook” by Kevin Rodgers as a general guide on crafting a solid intro video.

Here is how it works:

60 Second Sales Pitch Outline

1. You need to get their attention

2. You need to make a connection

3. You need them to take action.


Identity - Identity who you are and your company. 1-2 Sentences Max

Struggle - what you and your customer struggle with. The problem they have that you solve.

Discovery - The major discovery that took place that made you start your career.

Result - What is a result that you have generated for yourself or customers. Sell them on monetary value, time savings or problem-solving.

Call to Action (Offer): What do you want them to do next? Keep it simple and straightforward.

Uploading Your Video

After you have completed filming your video you will need to condense the video file so it is less than 20 mb.

The best app we found for iPhone is: Video Compressor

The best android app for Android is: VidCompact

Once your video has been condensed to less than 20 mb you can upload it to Arlo.

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