How to connect your own domain to Arlo landing pages?

You can set up Arlo landing pages on your own domain for example: or a subdomain of your main site for example:

Setting up your own domain is not necessary. This is an advanced setup and often requires an IT admin.

Before you set this up you will need to install an SSL (You can get them for free at

We recommend using Cloudflare to manage your DNS, Cloudflare is free, easy, fast and manages SSL for you.

  1. You will set up a new CNAME record.
  2. The name will be @ if you want to include the entire domain - or you can use any subdomain you want.
  3. The target will be
  4. Save & go to place your domain name and hit save.

Watch the video below for more details.

Your domain name registrar will have instructions on their site also.

Please click here to see how to set up your domain in Godaddy:

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