Initial Set Up Overview

Welcome to Arlo! In order to customize the platform, ads, and landing page forms we will need you to take 15 minutes to set up your account. Once complete it is a set it and forget it system.

We laid out all the initial parts necessary to make it easy for you directly in our dashboard with links to help articles for each topic.

Visit to fill out all the necessary parts and update at any time.

In the bottom right corner of the dashboard, you will see a (? Help) mark button. Click that to search for answers or submit a ticket.

Required Tasks

  1. Create a Facebook Page & Business Manager Ad Account. Click here for tutorials on how.
  2. Enter all your information into the basic information tab. This information will be placed on your ads, landing pages, and follow-up. Make sure to use a professional picture and upload a LOGO file that is a transparent background PNG. If You Need to Update this at any time please visit >

3. Insert your disclosure information that will be placed on all marketing to ensure compliance approval. We have adapted our pages to meet the strictest Facebook and RESPA compliance guidelines after working with some very large corporations' legal departments. Your full disclosure can be updated at any time by visiting >

4. Connect your Facebook Page to the Arlo software to send messages and answer FAQ's and connect your ad account >

5. Set up your business phone number. Some Area codes are not available due to a lack of numbers in that area. Enter your desired area code and choose your phone number. Enter a call forwarding number that is your mobile phone. This will be used to send you text lead notifications and forward calls. Choose what hours you would like to send texts and receive notifications.

6. Place a deposit for your on-demand soft pulls. This will be deducted from and recharged when you hit less than 5 credit reports. You can increase this recharge so you don't have to manage a lot of billing inquiries at scale. This can be updated in the billing tab >

7. Set Up Your Loan Offers. This section is where you define the minimum credit score and report options to initially pre-qualify a lead based on credit. Make sure to set up all your loan offers before placing ads. Click Here > for more information.

8. Set Up and Connect Your Google Calendar > We use Google Calendar which integrates with Arlo + all other calendar apps to allow prospects to book a time for a loan review. Here is a quick tutorial on how to set it up >

9. Placing Your First Ad > Next thing to do is place your first ad and you are off to the races >

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